How a freelance marketing consultant can help you

As a well-qualified freelance marketing consultant I am on hand to help you identify and achieve the marketing goals for your business. My process is simple, designed to work with you to get your marketing successful. Here it is…

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- 1 -
A free cup of tea

I like to meet and have a free consultation with each and every client. I do this to understand your business objectives so I can really dig into what you are trying to achieve. At the very least you get a free cup of tea or coffee (if we meet in person) and a pair of fresh eyes to look over your marketing strategy.

- 2 -
A full marketing audit

With a good marketing audit, we will build the foundations for your future marketing decisions. Knowledge is power. I will review your competitors, your historic performance, your marketing strategies, your resources, your reporting and conduct surveys to provide you with a full report.

(I can provide this as a standalone service)
(If you insist you don’t need an audit, we can skip this – but I recommend we don’t)


- 3 -
Getting your marketing successful

Now we have the needed information from the marketing audit, it is time to get your marketing successful! I will provide you with the full marketing strategy and approach for each of your marketing channels. It is then over to you to decide how involved you would like me to get with implementing your new strategy to success.

Implementing your marketing strategy

As a freelance marketing consultant, I will help you identify your marketing goals. I can also help you implement and action the marketing you need. Here are just some of the ways I can help you succeed…

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Digital marketing

I will help you with your digital marketing fundamentals, including:

Website building

Copywriting and content creation

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Paid search (PPC)

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Mobile app marketing

I specialise in mobile app marketing and can help you with the following services:

Competitor and SWOT analysis

App store optimisation (ASO)

Digital marketing

Apple Search Ads and Google Ads

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Marketing assistance

A network of marketers who are on hand to assist you, including:

Website changes support

Project management and assistance

Social media management

From as little as ...

What are the benefits of using a freelance marketing consultant?

There are many benefits of using a freelance marketing consultant, especially for small businesses and busy marketing teams. A freelance marketer is a low-cost flexible hiring solution for companies looking to grow. A freelance marketer can also be a perfect solution for short-term cover, new projects and specific tasks.

Unsure? Consider these great reasons to choose a freelance marketer for your business:

Hiring a new member of staff is a huge commitment and can be costly.
You have to consider pension contributions, employee benefits, national insurance contributions, agency fees, interviews, training and everything else. Then trust that the employee is happy and willing to stay.

You get digital marketing expertise all on your terms
I am a qualified professional Marketing Manager who can hit the ground running with your digital marketing growth. With me you are hiring true marketing experience for as long or as little as you may need. No commitments.

You can focus on your area of expertise
Stop being held back. I can lighten the burden of repetitive and time-consuming tasks with my marketing assistance services or tackle your higher-level digital marketing needs head on. Leaving you more time to focus on growing your business and nursing important client relationships.

Both parties need you to succeed
Finally, I need you to succeed in order to succeed myself. If we work together successfully then we can both share the success story and hopefully keep working together. I care more about your success than an ordinary employee.

Still not sure? Please feel free to get in touch and ask away – I’d love to hear from you.

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