Grow your digital marketing

I will help you grow your digital marketing by doing the work you don’t have the bandwidth or knowledge to do. Whether you’re looking for a fresh set eyes to review your current digital marketing efforts, short term help with the launch of a new project or expertise in a particular area of digital marketing, I am on hand to help you grow your digital marketing.

How can I help grow your digital marketing?

I I can help you grow your digital marketing with the following services:

Not sure where to start? I will always recommend that we perform a full marketing audit of your business.

Using a freelance marketer for copywriting and content creation

Copywriting is important for your business. Unfortunately, too many small businesses and busy marketing teams find well researched and good copywriting too time consuming or even intimidating. I will use content marketing and clever copywriting to attract people to your business, to turn site visitors into paying customers and finally to start building a loyal customer base.

What exactly is copywriting?

Copywriting is the written text that is produced with the purpose of marketing a product, service or brand. Copywriting includes the copy that you find on your website, your email campaigns, your social media, your brochures, your guides and all the other places your business looks to communicate with people. 

Why do you need a copywriter?

You need a copywriter because your written content is the voice of your company. This is extremely important. Your message, your brand, your everything is defined through the words that you place on your marketing and it is simply just too important to neglect. You also need a copywriter because it is very likely your competition already has one. 

You need a copywriter that understands how to write with your business goals, your audience and SEO in mind. A good copywriter will write content that ranks well on Google, uses a style that matches your brand and resonates with your customer.  

A good copywriter does more than just type words. They research thoroughly, they write, they understand human psychology, they edit, they proof, they edit again, they measure results and they ensure your content is successful and right for your business.  

Can I do my own copywriting?

Yes, you can do your own copywriting. You most likely already do. The question lies with whether you have the time and whether you’re are confident to ensure this has been done correctly and professionally to maximise your success.

Let’s get your marketing successful. Contact me today to discuss how I can review your existing content and write your future content.

Using a freelance marketer for search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is now more important than ever in today’s competitive search landscape. I will review your website and your competitors to implement a SEO strategy that will improve your search rankings and drive more people to your site. Without search your website is not performing for you.

My SEO strategy

  1. Identify your goals
  2. Research you and your competition
  3. Identify the quick wins
  4. Build out a longer-term SEO strategy
  5. Consultation with you

    The choice is then yours. You can then take hold of your own SEO and implement the recommended changes or ask me to start optimising your site.

  6. Start optimising with the quick wins
  7. Measure and report back your results
  8. Work towards your longer-term SEO strategy

My SEO promise

If you ask me to start optimising your site and you do not see an increase in organic search traffic to your website within three months, I will give back your money.

Grow your digital marketing with paid search (PPC)

Paid search can be an effective way to generate new leads for your business. As an experienced freelance digital marketer, I can help you set up your paid search accounts for Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn. Have a mobile app? Read more about my mobile app marketing

Setting up your Google Ads account

Google Ads get you in front of your customers when they search for services and interests relating to your business. It can be intimidating when you first start and it’s easy to make mistakes when you first set out. I will help you set up your Google Ads account by:

  • Researching the right keywords for your business
  • Creating the perfect advert for your business
  • Organising your account and setting goals in Google Analytics
  • Setting an initial budget and adjusting to maximise on your return
  • Measure, optimise and report to ensure you receive the best cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Handover and training

Setting up your social network ads account

Social network advertising is hugely important for your business. Everyone’s on Facebook, right? Expand your digital marketing reach with Facebook’s Ad Manager. This great tool allows you to reach new customers by advertising across Facebook and Instagram using precise demographic and ‘interests’ tools to get your business in front of the right audience.

The platform can be very intimidating for first-time users with the extensive array of options for campaigns, ad sets, creatives, audience, targeting, budgeting, delivery and everything else that exists within the platform. Setting up your ads is one thing, getting them set up correctly is another.

Every business is on LinkedIn, right? If you are looking to reach a grand network of professionals then LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager could be an important tool for you. Check out the different ways you can use LinkedIn Ads to grow your business. However, please be cautious. I know people who have wasted an employee’s salary on LinkedIn advertising with poor management and no clear objective.

Why use a digital marketing freelancer for paid ads

Using a marketing freelancer for paid ads will save you money in the long term and ensure that you are getting the most out of of your advertising budget. For a little investment in a freelance marketer you can save a lot of wasted money trialling what can be expensive advertising platforms.

Managing and optimising your paid search accounts
Once we’ve set up your advertising platforms, it’s important that you manage and optimise all of your paid search accounts to ensure that you are getting the most out of your advertising budget. I will show you how to do this or I am happy to review, manage, optimise and report back the progress on your campaigns on a weekly basis.

Website analytics, optimisation and lead generation

Understanding how people use your website is better than being able to watch how people shop in a physical store. I can perform a website audit to discover where your site visitors are coming from, ensure your website is meeting its goals, making sales and generating leads. My process is:

  1. Web analytics set up and configuration
  2. Audit and report of your website
  3. Training session on configuration
  4. Optimisation of your website

Need to get better control of your website? Contact me today and let’s get your marketing successful.

Contact me today and let’s get your marketing successful