YouTube enhances advertising and content monetization

YouTube has introduced several updates to improve the experience for advertisers and content creators. These include Video View Campaigns (VVC), better audience insights, and relaxed content guidelines.

Video View Campaigns (VVC) for effective ads

YouTube now offers Video View Campaigns (VVC) globally, using AI to target audiences more efficiently. VVCs include various ad formats like skippable in-stream ads, in-feed ads, and Shorts ads. They have shown a 40% increase in views and 30% lower cost per view compared to traditional campaigns, according to a Google study.

Audience insights for creators

YouTube’s analytics platform now provides creators with improved audience insights, enabling data-driven decisions. Creators can analyse new and returning viewers’ data separately, enhancing content targeting. Read more.

Relaxed content guidelines

YouTube has updated its Advertiser-Friendly Content guidelines, allowing creators to earn ad revenue on topics like sexual and domestic abuse, abortions, and eating disorders, provided the content isn’t overly graphic. This change aims to encourage open discussions while offering monetisation opportunities.

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