Twitter, now “X,” joins forces with Google Display Network in bid to revive ad revenue

In an unexpected move, Twitter, now rebranded as “X,” has formed a strategic alliance with the Google Display Network. This collaboration comes in response to a sharp decline in X’s advertising revenue earlier this year.

This partnership will allow advertisers to access X’s home feed inventory through Google Ads Display campaigns, presenting a lucrative opportunity to reach X’s vast audience of over 200 million daily users. However, it’s worth noting that X’s advertising guidelines are not as strict as some other platforms, potentially exposing advertisers to less regulated content.

Google seems unfazed by the partnership, a spokesperson said: “Like a number of social apps and websites, X has signed up to monetise its home feed with Google Ad Manager. This is an opportunity for our advertisers to reach a broader audience, but as always, they can choose what sites and apps their ads run on. Any publisher who participates in this type of partnership must abide by our publisher policies.”

The decline in ad revenue, a significant 59% drop in the US, prompted Elon Musk, who acquired X last year, to take action. He first appointed Linda Yaccarino as CEO and has now outsourced ad sales to Google, aiming to leverage its advertising industry prowess.

The collaboration has the potential to create a powerful marketing database by merging Google and X’s data, revolutionising the user journey across search and display campaigns. However, success depends on effective data integration. The intricate details of this deal remain undisclosed.

As X transforms and adapts, the advertising world watches closely to see whether this alliance will revive its ad revenue and bring a fresh chapter to the X story.

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