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TikTok launches search ads

TikTok, the popular social media platform, has officially announced the launch of search ads within its search results. The newly introduced “Search Ads Toggle” in TikTok Ads Manager enables advertisers to extend their reach by displaying ads alongside organic video search results, leveraging their existing In-Feed Ad content. This strategic move allows brands to connect with high-intent users actively seeking information related to their offerings.

TikTok’s search ads differ from traditional standalone ads, as they are an extension of the existing TikTok video ad buy. The ads will be labelled as “Sponsored” content and will be positioned based on relevancy, user intent, and insights from user behaviour. This feature aims to streamline the user discovery journey by providing relevant content when users search for terms related to the advertisers’ products or services.

TikTok’s internal data indicates promising results for advertisers who activate the Search Ads Toggle. Approximately 70% of ad groups with the toggle turned on witness enhanced performance, resulting in more efficient conversions from search ads. The introduction of search ads signifies TikTok’s intention to bolster its advertising capabilities and provide a unique opportunity for brands to engage users during their search experience.

The new feature adds another layer to TikTok’s rapidly expanding advertising ecosystem. This move also signals TikTok’s continued growth in the digital advertising market, with the platform doubling its share in 2022 despite ongoing concerns about potential bans. As TikTok continues to evolve its advertising offerings, brands can expect more opportunities to connect with users across various touchpoints.

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