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Reddit introduces 152 new interest categories for ads

Reddit is introducing a major expansion to its interest targeting categories for advertisers. The move comes as part of Reddit’s ongoing efforts to enhance advertising opportunities and provide brands with more ways to reach their target audiences effectively.

Previously offering 66 interest categories, Reddit is now ramping up its offerings to an impressive total of 152. This expansion aims to provide advertisers with greater precision in delivering their ads to users who are most likely to engage with their content. The platform’s new interest categories cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that brands can tap into niches that resonate with their products or services.

Interest targeting on Reddit simplifies the process for advertisers. Instead of manually identifying relevant subreddits or communities, advertisers can now select interests from the platform’s comprehensive list. Reddit’s algorithm then takes over, ensuring that ads are displayed to users who align with those chosen interests.

“We have made interests more granular, and broke many interests into multiple new interests. These new interests shouldn’t have any significant effect on your targeting, but if you want to revisit your targeting, you can edit your ad groups,” explained a Reddit spokesperson.

The expanded interest targeting feature is in the process of being rolled out to advertisers gradually over the next few weeks. Once granted access, advertisers will be able to incorporate the new interest categories into both their existing and new ad groups.

In the competitive world of digital advertising, Reddit’s move to provide a wider array of interest categories offers brands an opportunity to refine their campaigns and connect with users who share genuine interests in their products or services.

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