Reddit enhances ad personalization and community targeting

Reddit is making significant changes to its advertising features, removing the opt-out option for ad personalisation based on user activity and introducing improved community targeting tools on Ads Manager.

Opt-out of ad personalisation changes

Reddit is eliminating the option for users to opt-out of ad personalisation based on their platform activity. This change allows Reddit’s algorithms to predict more precisely targeted advertisements, improving campaign effectiveness for advertisers. Read more

Ads Manager updates for improved community targeting

Reddit has introduced updates to its Ads Manager, aiming to enhance community targeting. These include improved community search, targeting suggestions, and community info features. Two new administration tools, campaign lifetime budget and inline editing, have also been added to streamline campaign management.


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Month-Long Events:

  • Black History Month (UK)
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Stoptober


01 October 2023: International Day of Older Persons, International Coffee Day, World Vegetarian Day

02 October 2023: World Habitat Day, International Day of Nonviolence

03 October 2023: National Techies Day

04 October 2023: World Animal Day, National Taco Day

05 October 2023: World Teachers’ Day, National Poetry Day

06 October 2023: World Smile Day

08 October 2023: World Octopus Day

10 October 2023: World Mental Health Day, World Homeless Day

11 October 2023: International Day of the Girl Child

12 October 2023: World Sight Day

13 October 2023: World Egg Day

15 October 2023: Global Handwashing Day

16 October 2023: World Food Day

17 October 2023: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

19 October 2023: International Gin and Tonic Day

20 October 2023: International Chefs’ Day

21 October 2023: Back to the Future Day

24 October 2023: United Nations Day

25 October 2023: World Pasta Day

29 October 2023: Clocks Go Back

30 October 2023: Checklist Day

31 October 2023: Halloween, World Cities Day

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