OpenAI release ChatGPT Plus and AI detector; New stats in Search Console; Importance of “lastmod” tags; Best Ads (#LiveFromPS5); Key Content & More

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This week we cover:

  • OpenAI launches ‘ChatGPT Plus’ and new AI text detector tool
  • New features for video report in Google Search Console
  • Google and Bing express the importance of “lastmod” tags
  • Google adds account-level negative keywords
  • Microsoft recommends combining search and audience ads
  • Reasons for Meta’s Q4 2022 revenue decline
  • Twitter co-tweets to be discontinued
  • More LinkedIn newsletter features announced

Plus we look at some of the best ads discovered this week and look ahead at key content dates coming up next week.

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Ok, let’s dive into this week’s update…

OpenAI launches ChatGPT Plus and new AI text detector tool

The anticipated paid version of ChatGPT launched this week in the US for $20 a month. ChatGPT Plus will provide subscribers with priority access during peak times, faster response times and a first access to new features.

Creator, OpenAI, also released a new AI tool this week to detect AI generated text called AI Text Classifier. The tool, among others, is great to ensure your outsourced content isn’t AI generated as publishing automatically generated content violates Google’s guidelines and will harm SEO efforts.

While great, users should be aware of the tool’s self-confessed limitations:

Requires a minimum of 1,000 characters, which is approximately 150 – 250 words.

The classifier isn’t always accurate; it can mislabel both AI-generated and human-written text.

AI-generated text can be edited easily to evade the classifier.

The classifier is likely to get things wrong on text written by children and on text not in English, because it was primarily trained on English content written by adults.

While on the subject of ChatGPT, it has been reported that Microsoft will be incorporating a much faster GPT-4 into its Bing search engine in the coming weeks. Adding ChatGPT to Bing has caused Google to react with CEO Sundar Pichai confirming plans to integrate AI search features that “people can engage directly with.”

AI chat on search engines is likely to steal traffic away from websites as users will have no need to navigate away.


New features for video report in Google Search Console

Last July, Google launched the video indexing report on Search Console to help website owners understand the performance of video on Google.

This week Google treated us to two new updates to the video indexing report

1 – Video impression overlay. This helpful visual makes it easier to see the performance of videos by daily impressions over time.

No alt text provided for this image

2 – Sitemap filter. Google said, “to help you focus on the video pages that matter most to you, you can now filter the Video indexing report to show only video pages that are present in a selected sitemap. The filter applies to all the report features: the chart, chart totals, issue list, and exports.”

Note – if you produce video content, you’ll definitely want to read through and understand Google’s documentation on best practices for video SEO


Google and Bing express the importance of “lastmod” tags

This week both Google and Bing have expressed the importance of “lastmod” tags in sitemaps. For those that don’t know, the “lastmod” tag is used to indicate the last time web pages have been modified.

Google documentation says “The last modification time should be the last time the content of the page changed meaningfully”.

It should also be noted that the “lastmod” tag can also change the publication date in search results, making the content appear more recent and more attractive to click on.

In a recent Google SEO office-hours someone asked this week whether the tag should be used to indicate the date of the latest article update or the date of the most recent comment. John Mueller responded with “If comments are a critical part of your page, then using that date is fine”.

Microsoft Bing also published a blog this week on the importance of setting the “lastmod” tag in your sitemap. Fabrice Canel, Principal Product Manager said “We are revamping our crawl scheduling stack to better utilize the information provided by the “lastmod” tag in sitemaps”. The changes are expected to be rolled out by June.


Google adds account-level negative keywords

PPC advertisers should be aware that Google has now enabled the functionality to apply account-level negative keywords. This is great news which should save advertisers time and avoid human error when applying negative keywords to multiple campaigns.

Negative keywords are used by advertisers to stop their ads appearing for particular searches. The correct use of a negative keyword list can make ads more relevant, perform better and save budget on irrelevant impressions.

Microsoft recommends combining search and audience ads

Advertisers should be running both Microsoft Search ads and Audience Network campaigns for better performance, according to… Microsoft.

Microsoft said, “Those who’ve seen a brand’s ad on both networks visit the site 2.6x times more than those who are only exposed to an ad on search. Not only do those users visit the brand’s website more, we’ve found that they also convert more—specifically, 6.6x times more.”

No alt text provided for this image

Reasons for Meta’s Q4 2022 revenue decline

Meta relies on heavily on advertising revenue with it accounting for 97% of total revenue in Q4 2022. The company reported a drop of 4% to $31.3 billion when compared to the same period in 2021.

Meta attributed the fall in revenue to “weak advertising demand”, rival competition such as TikTok and Apple’s App Tracking Transparency.

No alt text provided for this image



Numerous props have been placed around major cities.

From Rome

No alt text provided for this image

To London

No alt text provided for this image

Alzheimer-Forschung: The Glitch

Created for Alzheimer Forschung Initiative (AFI), ‘The Glitch’ shows the dynamics between a husband and his wife as they work together to get through the confusing and frustrating moments that can come with an


Twitter co-tweets to be discontinued

Twitter has just announced the end of CoTweets. They put out a statement in their Help Center that the new feature, which started in July, will be sunset by the end of the day on January 31, 2023.


More LinkedIn newsletter features announced

In last week’s update I covered a new feature launching 11 February that allows people to see what newsletters other people are subscribed to.

Since then, more interesting features have been announced:

No alt text provided for this image
  • Authors can feature their newsletter on their own profile – very handy!
  • Newsletter will appear under an authors name in LinkedIn search results
  • You can now add an SEO title and description to each published newsletter for better appearance in search engines.


Month Long

LGBT History Month (UK)


  • 01 January 2023: New Year’s Day
  • 02 February 2023: Groundhog Day, Time to Talk Day, World Wetlands Day
  • 03 February 2023: Golden Retriever Day
  • 04 February 2023: World Cancer Day, Six Nations Rugby (4th Feb to 18th Mar) Begins
  • 05 February 2023: World Nutella Day, Yorkshire Pudding Day
  • 06 February 2023: National Sickie Day, Children’s Mental Health Week Begins
  • 07 February 2023: Send a Card to a Friend Day, Safer Internet Day
  • 09 February 2023: National Pizza Day
  • 10 February 2023: World Pulses Day, Welsh Language Music Day
  • 11 February 2023: International Day of Women and Girls in Science, National Inventors’ Day, The BRIT Awards
  • 12 February 2023: Super Bowl LVII
  • 13 February 2023: Galentine’s Day, World Radio Day
  • 14 February 2023: Valentine’s Day, Library Lovers’ Day
  • 15 February 2023: Singles’ Awareness Day
  • 17 February 2023: Random Acts of Kindness Day, Care Day, London Fashion Week (17th-21st) Begins
  • 19 February 2023: BAFTAs
  • 20 February 2023: Love Your Pet Day, World Day of Social Justice, Family Day
  • 21 February 2023: Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day), International Mother Language Day
  • 22 February 2023: Ash Wednesday, World Thinking Day
  • 23 February 2023: Digital Learning Day
  • 24 February 2023: World Bartender Day
  • 27 February 2023: National Strawberry Day, World NGO Day
  • 28 February 2023: Rare Disease Day

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