Meta expands Meta Verified to businesses

Mark Zuckerberg has announced the expansion of Meta Verified, originally designed for creators, to businesses on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. This subscription package aims to help businesses enhance their online presence and trustworthiness.

Key features of Meta Verified for businesses include a verified badge, proactive impersonation monitoring, support for troubleshooting, and improved discoverability on Instagram and Facebook. WhatsApp business subscribers will receive additional premium features.

The rollout will begin with tests on Instagram and Facebook in select countries, with WhatsApp to follow. Monthly subscription costs start at $21.99 USD per month for a single Facebook page or Instagram account, or $34.99 USD per month for both.

Meta is focused on helping small businesses establish their brand and expand their customer base. They plan to evolve their offerings based on feedback and insights from initial testing.

To ensure authenticity, Meta has implemented a rigorous verification process. Eligibility requirements include meeting activity standards and having two-factor authentication enabled. Businesses must also adhere to Meta’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.

Will your business pay for verification? Businesses can join the waitlist here

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