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Apple releases new Search Ads placements; Meta & Alphabet Q3 revenue decline; Elon Musk completes Twitter takeover; Best ads of the week & more

Welcome to this week’s Digital Discovery – everything you need to know in the world of digital marketing over the last week.

This week includes:

  • New ad placements for Apple Search Ads
  • Meta and Alphabet Q3 results signal ad spend decline
  • More YouTube video ad placements
  • Google releases ‘video trim’ tool
  • New features for Facebook groups
  • New Google Shopping experience on desktop
  • Elon Musk completes takeover of Twitter

Finally, we cover some of the best ads discovered this week and look ahead at key content dates coming up next week.

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Ok, let’s dive into this week’s update…

New ad placements for Apple Search Ads

Good news for ASO and app marketers this week as Apple announced two new ad placements available from Apple Search Ads.

Apple Search Ads is a key marketing tool for app advertisers who can use the service to promote their app directly on the App Store.

Previously advertisers were limited to ads appearing in search results and the search tab

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Now advertisers can place ads on the Today tab and across Product pages. The new placements are an exciting shift by Apple giving advertisers better ways to reach potential app users.

How to set up Today tab ads

Today tab ads allow app advertisers to reach people when they first visit the App store. The app ad will be one of the first pieces of content people see as it will appear prominently on the front page of the App Store.

The new ad placement is a great way to raise awareness of your app and Apple recommends using the placement for new content launches, special events and seasonal promotions.

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To create a Today tab ad, advertisers will first need to set up a custom product page. The ad will use creatives from a selected custom product page and must include at lease four portrait or five landscape assets.

Advertisers should ensure the correct language is used in copy and creatives for the locations where the ad will run.

Finally, advertisers with time-sensitive ads should ensure they submit their ad for approval ahead of time. As app marketers know, Apple can have very high approval standards, so getting ad approval early is key to allow enough time to make any needed amendments.

How to set up ads on Product pages

The new Product pages ad placements allow advertisers to promote their app to users when they’re browsing different apps across the App Store.

The ads will appear at the top of the ‘You Might Also Like’ section situated at the bottom of the page. Advertisers can refine the categories where the app will run.

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Product page ads will use assets from your main App Store product page. The ad will feature your app name, icon and subtitle.

Meta and Alphabet Q3 results signal ad spend decline

Google-parent Alphabet earnings in Q3 2022 mark the slowest revenue growth for the company in nearly 10 years.

Despite a sales rise of 6% to $69.09bn (£60.7bn) during the third quarter, it is a slowdown on the soaring 41% growth to $65.12bn (£57.2bn) during the same period last year.

Profits fell almost 30% to $13.9bn (£12.2bn), hit in part by the slide in YouTube ad revenues, which declined for the first time since being publicly reported.

Meanwhile, profits at Meta have also fallen. Q3 results fell 52% to $4.39bn (£3.8bn, as the social media giant that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp continued to grapple with weakening advertiser demand.

Meta generated revenue of $27.71bn (£24bn) during the three months to 30 September, down 4% year on year.

More YouTube video ad placements

In addition to the new video ad placements reported in last week’s update, Google is now also rolling out a new placement option that allow advertisers to target specific types of music on YouTube.

The 5 types of Music Mood Lineups are: Romantic, Happy & Uplifting, Chill, Downbeat, and Funky Moods

The placements are available for Google Ads in 20 countries.

Google releases ‘video trim’ tool

After several years of testing, Google is releasing its bumper ad creation tool to all advertisers. The tool now known as Trim video helps advertisers make new bumper ads from their longer video assets quickly.

The new tool uses machine learning to identify the most important frames in a long ad and turning them into 6-second videos.

Advertisers can simply paste a YouTube link or use a video asset from their Google Ads library, and the tool will generate four different six-second ads.

New features for Facebook groups

Meta announces six updates to Facebook Groups that allow users to share more types of content and admins to manage their community efficiently.

The six new tools and features available in Facebook Groups include:

  1. Reels in Facebook Groups
  2. Share Facebook Group events to Instagram stories
  3. Customise Facebook Group profiles
  4. Recognise Facebook Group community members
  5. Updates to the Admin Assist tool
  6. Allow group members to post content that was flagged by Facebook

New Google Shopping experience on desktop

Following on from Search On 22 announcements, Google have now released a new visual desktop shopping experience in the U.S.

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Google’s blog announcement also mentions new dynamic filters will also help you refine your search to find something specific.

There is currently no word on a rollout to the UK.

Elon Musk completes takeover of Twitter

Elon Musk has reportedly completed the $44bn (£38bn) takeover of Twitter, hours before a deadline which would have seen a trial date set if he had not gone through with the deal.

Additionally, there are reports that Musk immediately fired CEO Parag Agrawal, chief financial officer Ned Segal and legal affairs and policy chief Vijaya Gadde.

Musk wants to “defeat” spam bots on Twitter, make the algorithms that determine how content is presented to its users publicly available, and prevent the platform from becoming an echo chamber for hate and division, even as he limits censorship.

Ads of the week

PETA – The ‘Octocurse’

The charity parodies a science fiction series to highlight its petition to stop a commercial octopus farm

British Airways campaign explores why people travel

No alt text provided for this image
No alt text provided for this image

(Very relevant for me this week!)

Key content dates for your social media next week

31 October 2022: Halloween, World Cities Day

Month of November: Movember

01 November 2022: World Vegan Day, National Author’s Day

02 November 2022: National Stress Awareness Day

03 November 2022: World Sandwich Day

04 November 2022: National Roast Dinner Day

05 November 2022: Bonfire Night

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