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Google updates for SEOs; TikTok fights back with photo mode; Marketers need to share success; Best ads of the week & more

Welcome to this week’s Digital Discovery – everything you need to know in the world of digital marketing over the last week.

This week includes:

  • Google insights this week that SEOs should know about
  • TikTok replicates Instagram with new photo mode
  • 1 in 5 big businesses don’t share marketing campaign results internally
  • Quarter of brands to boost performance marketing spend in 2023
  • New pages experience from Facebook
  • Does Amazon serve ads based on voice recordings
  • New PAIR feature announced by Google for Display and Video 360

Finally, we cover some of the best ads discovered this week and look ahead at key content dates coming up next week.

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Ok, let’s dive into this week’s update…

Google insights this week that SEOs should know about

Over the last week, several insights from or about Google have surfaced which SEOs should be aware of:

Image SEO – Google’s Search Off the Record podcast

Google’s latest Search Off the Record podcast covered how to increase traffic to your website with images. Everything is covered, from naming your image file, how often Googlebot crawls images, increasing visibility of your page through image search, to improving alt text and image accessibility.

The team at Search Engine Journal picked up on a couple of interesting points around how to write good alt-tags and the use of AI images which are both worth reading further on.

Google updates image structured data

Google has added three new structured data properties to be used with the ImageObject type in order to add support for credit, copyright and image creator information via structured data.

This update makes it easier to tell Google about this type of information.

Check out Google’s documentation page for image metadata for full information

Google adds more detail on how to write good product reviews

Following Google’s recent updates on product reviews, the company has updated its documentation on how to write high quality product reviews.

To clarify, this is for sites that publish product reviews and does not concern customer reviews of products on an eCommerce site.

Three new examples were added to the documentation:

  1. An expert staff member of a merchant that guides shoppers between competing products.
  2. A blogger that provides independent opinions of products.
  3. An editorial staff member at a news or other publishing site.

Hopefully these clarifications and examples from Google will help you identify if your site was hit by a Google product reviews update.

New research shows importance of product feed optimisation for eCommerce

New research from SEO Clarity has shown the importance of product feed optimisation for eCommerce stores.

 The company analysed nearly 150,000 clothing search terms and found:

  •  95% of clothing industry keywords trigger a SERP feature owned by Google.
  •  85% of the keywords triggered the Popular Products pack within the Top 10 results.
  • Of those keywords, nearly half (48%) triggered the Popular Products pack in the Top 3 results—the highest visibility positions on the SERPs.
  • In mobile, 75% of the queries’ SERPs included 4 or more occurrences within the Popular Products packs in the same SERP.

The findings show that product listings provide a way for other retailers to leapfrog the long-term investment and effort put in by those dominating the organic listings and gain visibility. Sites that are struggling to crack the top ranking positions should focus on optimising their product information fed to Google Shopping.

TikTok replicates Instagram with new photo mode

TikTok introduces Photo Mode, a new photo tool – that seemingly rivals Instagram – in addition to other enhanced editing features.

If you prefer to post a photo instead of a video, the carousel format will display your still images one right after another. You can also add a musical soundtrack. Viewers to your carousel posts can swipe at their own pace.

No alt text provided for this image

Instagram’s move towards Reels had some creators and influencers pretty upset that the platform was trying to be too much like TikTok.

It’s interesting to see that TikTok has fought back with longer descriptions and this new Photo Mode that mimics Instagram, owned by Meta.

With the two platforms becoming more alike, will creators and users be choosing which platform to keep and which one to ditch?

…Plus, do TikTok’s latest job listings reveal their eCommerce intentions

In another move to against Meta, LinkedIn posts suggest TikTok it is looking to operate its own warehouses to compete with other social commerce firms.

According to the Guardian, over the past two weeks the social media app has posted several job ads on LinkedIn searching for US recruits to develop its ‘Fulfilment by TikTok Shop’. The listings suggest TikTok intends to support sellers on its platform with warehousing, delivery services and returns, in the style of ecommerce giant Amazon.

Read the full article here

1 in 5 big businesses don’t share marketing campaign results internally

Marketing Week’s exclusive Language of Effectiveness Survey of 1,610 brand-side marketers reveals in 15.4% of businesses the results of marketing campaigns are not communicated to the wider company.

This number rises to almost a fifth (19.1%) within large organisations (250 employees and over) and drops to 11.3% in SMEs.

Given the number of businesses failing to communicate the results of marketing campaigns, there’s a danger marketers are not able to build a strong enough business case for their impact.

No alt text provided for this image

Marketers need to remember the importance of internal marketing and communicating the value they bring to the company. Even more so during times of economic uncertainty where companies can make knee jerk reactions to cut marketing resources, Companies will do well to remember that marketing should be seen as an investment, not a cost.

We as marketers need to remember to share the return on the marketing investment with the business.

Quarter of brands to boost performance marketing spend in 2023

Just under a third (29%) of 43 multinational companies plan to invest more into advertising next year despite the economic downturn, according to a survey by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and Ebiquity.

The findings come as three quarters of the sample either “agree strongly” or “agree” that 2023 budgets are under heavy scrutiny this year, with marketers required to justify investment more than before.

Ads of the week

3D Billboards from WhatsApp and BMW


Volvo Trucks – A Love Story

EastEnders Chilling Climate Change Ad

New pages experience from Facebook

Facebook has rolled out a new Pages experience they say is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses to build connections with customers and other businesses.

Facebook state “you can expect a cleaner and more streamlined layout, easier navigation between your personal profile and business pages, a Professional Dashboard to manage all of your activities quickly in one central location and access to a dedicated Feed to more seamlessly interact with people on Facebook as your business”.

No alt text provided for this image

The company also provided 5 tips on how to get the most out of Pages which are worth reading through. Despite the decline in users, Facebook is still a valuable tool for businesses.

Does Amazon serve ads based on voice recordings

Have you ever felt like your smart devices are listening to you a bit too much? I think we’ve all had occasions where we believe that we’ve been served ads based on our conversations and not on our browsing history. But is it just a coincidence or do our devices really listen in for advertising purposes?

Well, over in the States, Alexa users are suing Amazon over claims that the voice assistant app is targeting users with ads relevant to private recordings of users’ conversations.

Amazon said “it “is not in the business of selling data,” and doesn’t share Alexa requests with ad networks.

It’ll be interesting to see if Amazon is held liable for these claims.

New PAIR feature announced by Google for Display and Video 360

A new blog announcement from Google reveals PAIR – a way for advertisers to deliver more personalized ads using first-party data.

“Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation, or PAIR, is a new solution that gives publishers and advertisers the option to securely and privately reconcile their first-party data for audiences who have visited both an advertiser’s and a publisher’s site.”

Key content dates for your social media next week

17 October 2022: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

19 October 2022: International Gin and Tonic Day

20 October 2022: International Chefs Day

21 October 2022: Back to the Future Day

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