Instagram testing 10-minute Reels to compete with TikTok and YouTube

Instagram is considering a significant update that could change the landscape of social media video content. The platform, owned by Meta, is internally testing the possibility of extending the maximum length of Reels to 10 minutes, a move aimed at competing with TikTok, X, and YouTube.

The news about Instagram’s potential for longer Reels was first reported by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi on X. Instagram has since confirmed the internal testing of this feature, but it has not been rolled out externally.

If Instagram decides to implement this change, it would be aligning its short-form video product with TikTok, which extended its maximum video length to 10 minutes in February 2022. This shift would also put Instagram Reels in direct competition with YouTube.

Extending the Reels time limit from three minutes to 10 would provide creators with more time and flexibility for various content, such as cooking demos, beauty tutorials, educational videos, and comedic sketches. Currently, creators often work around the three-minute limit by splitting content into multiple parts, which can make it challenging for viewers to find the correct video. The proposed change would streamline the user experience.

This development reflects the intensifying competition among video content platforms for the attention of social media users. While TikTok, X, and YouTube have already embraced long-form video content, Instagram aims to join this trend.

However, Instagram’s potential expansion into long-form video content could also impact social media marketers. Marketers may benefit from increased visibility and engagement opportunities on the platform, but they would need to invest more time and resources into creating longer high-quality video content.

The change also sparks curiosity into how Meta will integrate advertising into long-form video content. Will the platform roll out similar video non-skippable ad placements like YouTube?

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