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Google updates Performance Max best practices guide

Google has updated its Performance Max best practices guide, providing new insights and advice for businesses that want to get the most out of this AI-powered campaign type.

The updated guide covers a range of topics, including:

  • How to set up and optimise Performance Max campaigns
  • How to use Performance Max to achieve different marketing goals
  • How to track and measure the performance of Performance Max campaigns

The guide also includes new information on how to use Performance Max to reach new audiences, improve conversion rates, and maximize return on investment (ROI).


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01 August 2023: National Girlfriend Day, Respect for Parents Day, World Wide Web Day

03 August 2023: Cycle to Work Day

04 August 2023: International Beer Day

08 August 2023: International Cat Day

09 August 2023: Book Lovers Day

10 August 2023: World Lion Day, International Update Your Bio Day, National Lazy Day

11 August 2023: Son & Daughter Day

12 August 2023: International Youth Day, World Elephant Day, World Photography Week (12th-26th)

13 August 2023: International Left-Handers Day, National Prosecco Day

16 August 2023: National Rum Day

17 August 2023: National Non-Profit Day

19 August 2023: World Photography Day, World Humanitarian Day, National Potato Day

20 August 2023: FIFA Women’s World Cup Final

21 August 2023: World Entrepreneurs Day

24 August 2023: National Burger Day

25 August 2023: Reading Festival (25th-27th) Begins

26 August 2023: International Dog Day, Notting Hill Carnival (26th-28th) Begins

28 August 2023: Summer Bank Holiday, US Open (28th Aug to 10th Sept) Begins

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