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Google SGE gets visual and interactive updates

Google is continuing to improve its Search Generative AI (SGE) feature, which uses artificial intelligence to generate summaries of search results. In its latest update, Google is adding videos to SGE overviews and testing links directly in the summaries.

The addition of videos to SGE overviews is designed to make the summaries more visually appealing and informative. For example, if you search for “how to tie a knot,” SGE might generate an overview with a video of someone tying a knot. This can be helpful for users who learn better by seeing something in action.

Here’s an example of a stain removal video in SGE:

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Google is also testing links directly in SGE overviews. This means that users will be able to click on links within the summaries to go directly to the relevant web pages. One of the biggest previous complaints about the Search Generative Experience is that you cannot click on the source links for generated content. Having links now makes this experience more useful.

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These are just a few of the latest updates to Google Search Generative AI. Google is constantly working to improve this feature, and it is likely that we will see even more improvements in the future.

In addition to the updates mentioned above, Google is also making some other changes to SGE. For example, the company is reducing the time it takes to generate SGE overviews. This means that users will get the information they need more quickly.

Google is also making it easier for users to understand how recent the information in SGE overviews is. This is done by adding publish dates to the links in the summaries.

Why should you care?

Overall, these are positive updates to Google’s SGE, which is the future of Google Search. SEOs and marketers should keep up to speed on how SEO will change in the future and understand how SGE will treat their content.

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