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Google search outage causes disruption; LinkedIn, Bing and Google updates you need to know; Teens have abandoned Facebook; Best ads of the week…

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Ok, let’s dive into this week’s update…

Google outage causes disruption

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If your organic traffic from Google spiked this week it may be due to a bizarre outage from the world’s most popular search engine.

The outage happened on Tuesday morning around 2am BST (Monday 9pm EDT) and lasted roughly an hour.

Initial reports linked the outage to an electrical fire at a Google data centre, however Google later confirmed and apologised for the outage which was caused by a software update issue.

Many users reported that the outage had caused several indexing and ranking issues with their sites.

We also noticed a lot of fluctuation earlier this week whilst running competitive SEO audits for a client.

Rest assured; Google Search should now be back running as normal.

However, check your data for any spikes.

Updates from Google to be aware of

Google has improved how users can find high-quality information by improving the quality of featured snippets.

The search engine is now capable of identifying when multiple high-quality sources agree on the same fact.

In a blog, Google states: “By using our latest AI model, Multitask Unified Model (MUM), our systems can now understand the notion of consensus, which is when multiple high-quality sources on the web all agree on the same fact”.

Next, Google has updated their guidance on Google posts from business profiles about what is considered spam. Companies should avoid duplicate photos, posts, videos, and logos.

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Lastly, Google has updated its structured data documentation for Editorial Product Review webpages. The update allows product reviews sites to benefit from a new pros and cons search enhancement.

This update is not for merchants. It is specifically for product review websites and the markup should not be used on customer product reviews. Find out more here

Microsoft Bing adds three features to shopping results

Bing has announced three cool annotations to its shopping search results.

1.     Available coupons

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2.     Ethical choice for fashion brands

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The annotation is derived from Good On You ratings. Brands can be submitted here:

3.     Price history

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New LinkedIn tools for visual content

LinkedIn have announced three exciting tools for creators to enhance their visual content.

1.     Users can now add a clickable link to images or videos (Very handy!)

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2.     Templates can be used to make text posts more visually engaging (Can’t wait to use this!)

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3.     New carousels will be coming soon with the ability to mix images and videos. (Great! No more using PDFs for carousel content)

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Teens have abandoned Facebook

A recent study from Pew Research shows that teenagers in the US aged 13 to 17 have abandoned Facebook.

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The study shows that only 32% of teens now use Facebook, compared to 71% in 2014.

In 2014 Facebook was ahead of Snapchat and Instagram. But in 2022, Facebook (32%) falls behind TikTok (67%), Instagram (62%) and Snapchat (59%) by a significant distance.

The results won’t come to a surprise for many of us. However, the high use of YouTube is very interesting with 95% of teens using the video platform.

Ads of the week

Melanoma UK and Leith have released a creative health campaign tp expose the risk of skin cancer.

This billboard from Adsum and TIMEX really hits home with me! I’ve never been a fan of smart watches, so great to see this ad.

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Another awresome 3D billboard campaign. This tome from Pokémon Go in Japan

Adidas release cool ‘Ten Toes Down: Adidas x Hebru Brantley’ Ad

Stand tall. So they never question what you stood for.​”

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Key content dates for your social media next week

17 August – National Non-profit Day

19 August – World Photography Day, World Humanitarian Day, National Potato Day

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