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Google makes ad creation easy, Instagram updates are a boost for businesses, the best ads of the week, and the latest industry updates

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Google makes ad creation easy

Google Ads creative studio now available to all advertisers

Google Ads Creative Studio, a tool for creating unique ads at scale, is out of beta and available to all advertisers. Check out the launch video below

Get started with Ads Creative Studio here:

 Google releases new tools to make collaboration and ad creation easier

In addition to the launch of the Ads Creative Studio, Google have also released three new tools within the ads platform:

1 – Asset storage and organization – colleagues can upload, download, and share assets from current and past campaigns.

2 – YouTube Video ads creation – allowing advertisers to quickly create video ads for YouTube. The templates are made specifically for YouTube and designed “to help drive results”.

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3 – Voice-over audio – Google have released a voice-over audio feature integrated into the video creation tool. The feature uses Google’s speech-to-text technology and is accessible through the asset library.

Find out more here:

Other Google updates to be aware of:

Automated FAQs on Google My Business – Google has added a new feature to help businesses automated some of the responses to questions submitted through their Google Maps and Google Search business listings. This new feature is part of your Google Business Profile and can be managed under the FAQs section of the messaging section.

Google has begun to roll out automatic updates converting Smart Shopping campaigns (not standard) into Performance Max. For most advertisers, the updates will finish in September. Google will send a notification about 2-3 weeks before the updates take effect and provide a specific date when your campaigns will be converted.

Google will soon begin testing new AR prototypes in public settings worn or used by Googlers and trusted testers starting next month.

YouTube is partnering with Shopify to allow creators and merchants to feature their products on their channels. Eligible creators can now link their Shopify store to their YouTube channel.

Google has resolved issues with reporting delays across Google Ads and Google Analytics. The status of its platforms can be viewed here: – A handy link to bookmark.

Instagram updates are a boost for businesses

It’s been a busy week for Instagram with several updates announced which will benefit brands on the platform.

Instagram adds in-chat payment feature

You can now make purchases from small businesses directly in chats on Instagram.

In chats with qualified small businesses, you can ask questions, make a purchase and track your order.

In the same thread, businesses will be able to confirm purchases, create payment requests and collect payment.

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Read more here:

Instagram makes it easier to discover local businesses

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company is introducing a new searchable and dynamic map experience on Instagram. The updated map experience will allow users to explore popular tagged locations around them and makes it easier for users to discover restaurants, cafes, hotels and other local businesses.

Locations are not pre-populated or user-submitted, like on Google Maps. As a business, the only way to get found on the Instagram map is to have a professional account filled in with your contact information.

New ways to collaborate and create with reels

 Instagram announced that it is rolling out new ways for users to create and share Reels. The social media giant is introducing a new “dual” feature that lets users simultaneously record content and their reaction.

Instagram is also launching updates to its “Template” feature for Reels. Users can now browse a variety of templates when they open the Reels camera and choose one to create their Reel with, uploading both video and photos.

The company is also expanding Reels Remix, its version of TikTok Duets.

Oh, and new video posts that are shorter than 15 minutes will now be shared as Reels.

Find out more here:

You can now boost your reels

Instagram has announced a new feature that allows businesses to boost their Reels to turn them into ads in order to reach new audiences. Boosted Reels will appear in feed, Stories, the Reels tab and the explore page. To be eligible to boost your Reel, the Reel must be less than 60 seconds and have a 9:16 aspect ratio, which means it must be filmed vertically and have a full-screen format.

The social media giant notes that Reels that use third-party IP, such as copyrighted music, GIFs, interactive stickers or camera filters are not eligible for boosting at this time. Reels that are posted to Facebook also aren’t eligible for boosting.

Feeds on Facebook

Facebook launches a new Feeds tab –  a new way to find the most recent posts from your friends, Favorites, Pages and groups.

Read more:

LinkedIn Business Manager is now in public beta

A cleaner, organized dashboard presents an easier way for advertisers to manage multiple ad accounts, pages, and matched audiences.

Read more:

Snapchat launches on desktop for premium members

Snapchat is launching a desktop browser-based version of its service for subscribers of Snapchat+.

Read more:

Ads of the week

Here’s some great ds that were released this week

Netflix: Resident Evil by Netflix

Magnum: Hottest Day

With temperatures in the UK soaring to 40C, Magnum released a poster campaign encouraging the public to enjoy one of its sweet treats.

No alt text provided for this image Piggy Bank

More stories of interest and latest industry news

Slack is increasing prices and changing the way its free plan works

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Marketing budget growth slows as economic headwinds strengthen

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McDonald’s rolls out loyalty scheme across the UK

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ASA clears Samsung’s controversial solo female jogger ad

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