Google enhances language matching and rolls out site names to all languages

In addition to the March 2023 Core Update, Google has rolled out updates to its language matching systems, aiming to provide more accurate search results based on user language preferences.

The goal is to improve the alignment of search results with users’ preferred languages, addressing past concerns where Google sometimes misinterpreted language preferences. This enhancement aims to ensure users find content in their desired language.

Website owners and businesses with non-English websites may notice changes in visibility as Google’s search results better align with user language preferences.

Google has also expanded the availability of site names on its search platform to include all languages. Initially introduced for select languages, site names are now supported worldwide on both mobile and desktop searches. Site names refer to the title and name of the website displayed in search results, providing users with more context about the source of the page.

Site names can significantly impact a website’s visibility and branding in search results, making it essential for website owners to understand and utilise this feature effectively.



Reactive McDonalds Milkshake to last week’s heatwave

Last week, the UK was uncomfortably hot. In a great example of simplistic creativity mixed with strong branding, McDonald’s created a simple but effective ad: a single drip of strawberry milkshake running down one of their Golden Arches logos. No words needed. Just a reminder that their milkshakes are the perfect way to cool down on a hot day.

Tesco’s F&F ad takes a cheeky swipe at high fashion

Tesco’s in-house clothing line F&F has launched a new ad that mocks the high drama of stereotypical fashion ads. The ad opens with a shot of pouting models sporting F&F’s upcoming autumn-winter collection. But the ad takes a turn when one of the models’ partners expresses surprise at the quality of her jacket.

“F&F!? You’re joking, Dawn!” he says.

“Jacket of the season, Gary!” she retorts.

The ad is a tongue-in-cheek way for Tesco to show that its F&F line can compete with high-end fashion brands, but at a fraction of the price. It’s a clever way to appeal to consumers who are looking for stylish clothes without breaking the bank.

The ad will air on TV, social media, radio, and in print. It’s part of a wider campaign that aims to reposition F&F as a more fashion-forward brand.

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