Exciting AI announcements; What you need to know from Google Marketing Live 2023; WordPress vulnerability; Best ads of the week & more

Welcome to this week’s Digital Discovery. Each week we cover the latest developments and everything you need to know in the world of digital marketing. This week we cover:

  • Bing announces exciting AI updates at Microsoft Build 2023
  • Google opens access to Search Generative Experience (SGE)
  • Google Marketing Live 2023: New generative AI features for Google Ads
  • Elementor rolls out AI capabilities
  • YouTube discontinues stories feature
  • MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin vulnerability found
  • Other stories of interest

Plus we look at some of the best ads discovered and look ahead at key content dates coming up.

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Ok, let’s dive into this week’s update… 

Bing announces exciting AI updates at Microsoft Build 2023

At Microsoft Build 2023, Bing announced three key updates that will further expand how people can interact with search and how developers can build on Bing’s AI platform.

First, Bing is integrating its search technology into ChatGPT. With this update, ChatGPT’s answers will now be bolstered by search and web data, meaning answers will be more timely and up-to-date. The new experience will also allow for the inclusion of citations, enabling users to delve deeper into the topics discussed—all seamlessly integrated into the chat experience. This exciting addition is available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers and will soon be accessible to free users.

Second, Bing is adding new plugin partners to its plugin platform. These new partners will offer a variety of plugins that can be used to extend Bing’s search capabilities. For example, Expedia will offer a plugin that allows users to search for flights and hotels, while Klarna will offer a plugin that provides shoppers with carefully curated product recommendations tailored to their preferences.

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Bing Ecosystem

Third, Bing is expanding its integration with Microsoft’s Copilot. Windows Copilot is a centralised AI-powered assistant that brings the power of Bing chat (and it’s new plugin partners) to Windows 11.


Google opens access to Search Generative Experience (SGE)

On Thursday 25 May, Google started to invite people to its new SGE. While I haven’t tried SGE myself, I have seen several top SEOs and publishers showcase their first experiences.

Barry Schwartz shared his experience on Twitter, while Search Engine Land covered his experience in a handy article

Lily Ray also shared her experience on Twitter and LinkedIn

Finally, the team at Search Engine Journal, also provided a comprehensive first look with 12 AI overviews

From an SEO perspective, my first thoughts are that SGE looks like a more interactive featured snippet. While it will push traditional organic results down the page, especially when combined with a featured snippet, causing less clicks. There will also be new opportunities to be feature within the SGE result. Many people may choose to ignore this and simply scroll past.

From a Bing vs Google perspective, the gap in bringing AI to search between Bing and Google is there to see. Bing Chat launched over 100 days ago, has onboarded third parties and is integrating AI into Windows. Whereas Google is just opening up SGE for first looks. But somehow, I don’t think this will matter at all. Google’s dominance in search is here to stay. Once SGE is launched it will simply mean a better Google is here to stay.


Google Marketing Live 2023: New generative AI features for Google Ads

At Google Marketing Live 2023 Google announced several new generative AI advancements for Google Ads, including:

  • Conversational AI for Google Ads: Advertisers will soon be able to converse with Google AI when creating campaigns to get help with keywords, headlines, descriptions and assets. Using AI in Google Ads to help with campaign creation isn’t exactly new, but this new feature should provide a more integrated experience. The good news is that advertisers have the ability to edit the AI-generated assets before going live.
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  • Automatically created assets that target search queries: Google AI will automatically generate assets (Like headlines and descriptions) based on individual user intent for specific search queries. Think about this as Dynamic Keyword Insertion with an AI twist.
  • Google PMax includes generative AI for text and image assets: Google’s Pmax campaign type will offer a more automated experience with generative AI in campaign setup. AI will be able to help create assets for both text and images which is very handy.
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  • Google Product Studio enables AI-generated images: Merchants can use Google’s Product Studio tool to manipulate product photos, edit backgrounds, enhance images, and sharpen low-resolution images using AI. Retailers can now easily turn boring product shots into lifestyle images with AI.
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  • Google Merchant Center Next replaces Merchant Center: By 2024, Google Merchant Center Next will replace Google Merchant Center. Merchant Center Next will automatically pull in products, pricing, imagery and more from your website. The new platform also offers an improved user interface and insights.
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  • Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) integrates ads: Google’s plan for the integration of ads into the Search Generative Experience (SGE) has become clearer. Current experiments to directly integrate Search and Shopping ads into the AI snapshot and conversational mode can be seen here


More Google Ads features: Google Ads will introduce various features, including:

  • Brand restrictions in broad match: Advertisers can now prevent their ads from showing for searches that contain their brand name, even if those searches are broad match. This can help to protect their brand from negative associations.
  • AI in Smart Bidding: Google is adding new AI features to its Smart Bidding strategies. These features can help advertisers to improve their results by automatically adjusting their bids based on factors such as device, location, and time of day.
  • Top search categories for RSAs: Advertisers can now see the top search categories for their RSAs. This information can be used to improve the targeting of their RSAs.
  • Campaign prefills: Advertisers can now prefill the settings for new campaigns with information from their existing campaigns. This can save time and help to ensure that new campaigns are set up correctly.
  • New tools for Ads Creative Studio: Google is adding new tools to Ads Creative Studio. These tools can help advertisers to create more effective and engaging ads.

In addition to the AI updates, Google also announced two new campaign types: Video view and demand gen. Check out more here

Google Marketing Live showcased a significant emphasis on AI, but it’s important to note that its implementation is not intended to replace human efforts. Instead, the AI-powered features unveiled are designed to assist advertisers in tackling the more laborious tasks they encounter. The objective is to streamline processes, save time, and offer advertisers better control over automated campaigns.


Elementor rolls out AI capabilities

At Marketing Mouse, we love introducing our clients to WordPress combined with the Elementor website builder as it gives our clients the best of both worlds. A powerful and customisable CMS integrated with an easy to use drag and drop website builder, not restricted by rigid templates.

This month, Elementor AI was made available as a free trial to all users. The exciting technology can:

  • Generate text
  • Create custom CSS
  • Create Custom Code
  • Create code in the HTML widget
  • Generate images (Coming soon)

We can’t wait to start using this new tool and introducing our clients to the new capability.


Ads of the week

The new Volkswagen Touareg | Volkswagen

Car manufacturer Volkswagen is touting its Park Assist Pro feature in this fun ad…


Amazon Prime Tweet

In response to Netflix clamping down on password sharing, Amazon Prime put out this genius tweet.

No alt text provided for this image


Separation | Amazon

Lovely ad from Amazon that shows how integrated the company might be into people’s lives and relationships.


YouTube discontinues stories feature

YouTube is discontinuing its Stories feature on 26 June 2023. The feature did not drive enough engagement, so YouTube is focusing on other features like Shorts and Community posts.

YouTube Stories, which allows creators to post updates that would remain live for seven days, was launched in 2021 as a way to compete with other social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. However, YouTube says that Stories did not drive enough engagement to justify keeping it around.

In a blog post, YouTube says that it is “focusing on features that our users love the most,” such as Shorts and Community posts. Shorts are vertical, 60-second videos that are similar to TikTok videos, while Community posts are a way for creators to share updates and announcements with their subscribers.

YouTube says that it will be “phasing out” Stories over the next few weeks. Creators who have already posted Stories will still be able to see and view them, but new Stories will not be able to be created after June 26.


MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin vulnerability found

MonsterInsights, a WordPress plugin installed on over three million websites, had a vulnerability that could allow hackers to inject malicious code into websites. The vulnerability was fixed in version 8.14.1, but users should update to the latest version to protect their websites from hackers.

Here are some tips for keeping your WordPress website secure:

  1. Keep your WordPress software up to date.
  2. Use a security plugin.
  3. Use strong passwords and change them regularly.
  4. Be careful about what plugins you install.
  5. Only install plugins from trusted sources.
  6. Back up your website regularly.

Get a team of experts to manage your WordPress site


Also of interest:

  • Elon Musk’s brain-implant company approved for human testing. Neuralink says it has been approved by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to begin conducting its first brain-implant tests on humans.
  • Meta has been fined €1.2bn (£1bn), under GDPR rules, for mishandling users’ data when transferring it between the EU and the US.
  • UK inflation drops to 8.7%, biggest decline since cost-of-living crisis started.
  • Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing has begun, with the UK among the markets which will now be required to pay £4.99 to share accounts outside of the home.
  • Ireland to introduce compulsory health warnings on alcohol packaging by May 2026.


Pride Month – Whole of June

01 June 2023: World Milk Day, Global Day of Parents, International Children’s Day

02 June 2023: National Fish & Chips Day

03 June 2023: World Cider Day

04 June 2023: International Corgi Day

05 June 2023: World Environment Day

07 June 2023: Download Festival (7th-11th) Begins

08 June 2023: Best Friends Day, World Oceans Day

10 June 2023: World Gin Day, UEFA Champions League Final

12 June 2023: International Falafel Day

14 June 2023: World Blood Donor Day

15 June 2023: National Beer Day (UK)/Beer Day Britain, World Tapas Day, Clean Air Day

16 June 2023: Special Olympics World Summer Games (16th to 25th) Begins

18 June 2023: Father’s Day, International Sushi Day, International Picnic Day

19 June 2023: National Picnic Week (19th-25th) Begins

20 June 2023: World Refugee Day

21 June 2023: Summer Solstice, Glastonbury Festival (21st-25th) Begins, National Selfie Day, World Music Day, International Yoga Day

22 June 2023: Windrush Day

23 June 2023: National Writing Day

24 June 2023: Armed Forces Day

27 June 2023: Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) Day

28 June 2023: Eid al-Adha (28th-29th) Begins

30 June 2023: World Social Media Day

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