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Advertising changes coming to TikTok and Meta to meet EU regulations

TikTok is making major changes to its ad products in Europe to comply with the Digital Services Act (DSA), which comes into effect on 28 August, 2023.

The changes include:

  • A ban on targeted advertising for teenagers aged 13-17.
  • The option for users in the EU to turn off personalization of their ‘For You’ and ‘LIVE’ feeds.
  • The removal of ads that violate TikTok’s policies.
  • Increased transparency and control for users over their data.

TikTok says the changes will “ensure that users in Europe have a safe, positive, and private experience on our platform.”

The company is also working to comply with the DSA’s requirements for transparency and accountability. This includes publishing clear information about how it collects and uses data, and giving users more control over their privacy settings.

Meanwhile, Meta has said it will require users in Europe to give their explicit consent before their data can be used for targeted advertising. If many people in Europe refuse to give permission for their data to be collected, Meta won’t be able to build audiences for ads as effectively, making its targeted advertising operation weaker.

Meta has also had issues in Norway, with the country’s data protection regulator saying the firm cannot harvest user information such as physical locations for showing targeted ads. The regulator, Datatilsynet, had said the company would be fined $98,500 a day over user privacy breaches from 14 August.

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