85% of pages in Google’s top 5 positions have keyword-optimised title tags

A new study by BrightEdge has found that pages with keyword-optimised title tags are more likely to rank in Google’s top 5 search results. The study analysed 10,000 keywords across various verticals and found that title tags that include keywords rank in the top 5 positions of Google 85% of the time.

Not the most shocking of discoveries – but the results emphasise their importance when optimising a page.

The study also found that other factors, such as the presence of meta descriptions and consistent capitalisation of brand and product names, also play a role in search rankings. However, keyword optimisation in title tags was the most significant factor.

The study’s findings underscore the importance of keyword optimisation for search engine optimisation. When creating title tags, it is important to include the target keyword in the first few words and to use variations of the keyword throughout the title. It is also important to make sure that the title is clear and concise and that it accurately reflects the content of the page.

The study also found that enterprise marketers place a high priority on title tags and meta descriptions. A survey of 300 enterprise marketers found that 70% considered title tags and meta descriptions to be a key priority, while the remaining 30% still regarded them as important or very important.

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