Reddit enhances ad personalization and community targeting

Reddit is making significant changes to its advertising features, removing the opt-out option for ad personalisation based on user activity and introducing improved community targeting tools on Ads Manager. Opt-out of ad personalisation changes Reddit is eliminating the option for users to opt-out of ad personalisation based on their platform activity. This change allows Reddit’s […]

YouTube enhances advertising and content monetization

YouTube has introduced several updates to improve the experience for advertisers and content creators. These include Video View Campaigns (VVC), better audience insights, and relaxed content guidelines. Video View Campaigns (VVC) for effective ads YouTube now offers Video View Campaigns (VVC) globally, using AI to target audiences more efficiently. VVCs include various ad formats like skippable in-stream […]

Twitter, now “X,” joins forces with Google Display Network in bid to revive ad revenue

In an unexpected move, Twitter, now rebranded as “X,” has formed a strategic alliance with the Google Display Network. This collaboration comes in response to a sharp decline in X’s advertising revenue earlier this year. This partnership will allow advertisers to access X’s home feed inventory through Google Ads Display campaigns, presenting a lucrative opportunity […]

UK households to face £3 billion decrease in Christmas spending amid cost-of-living crisis

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to tighten its grip, UK households are expected to have £3 billion less to spend this Christmas compared to the previous year, according to a joint research effort by ShipEngine, ShipStation, and Retail Economics. The research reveals that 79% of UK consumers plan to cut back on non-food spending during the upcoming Black […]

Elon Musk plans monthly payments for X

In a live conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Elon Musk, CEO of X (formerly Twitter), announced a transformative plan to combat rampant bot activity on the platform. Musk intends to convert X into a paid platform, though specific pricing details remain undisclosed. Musk’s motivation stems from the challenge posed by bots, which currently […]

Google quietly manipulates ad prices, drawing criticism and accusations of downplaying

Google has admitted to quietly tweaking advertising auctions to meet revenue targets, which has raised concerns and allegations of downplaying the extent of price manipulation. During the U.S. v. Google antitrust trial, Google Ad executive Jerry Dischler revealed that the search engine frequently adjusts ad auctions, increasing the cost of ads and reserve pricing by as […]

Meta launches “Search Branded Content” tool in ads library

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Meta has rolled out a new tool, “Search Branded Content,” which resides in the Ads Library. This feature allows marketers to filter and track branded content campaigns with influencers by platform, date range and username. By providing insights into competitor strategies, including campaign details and influencer collaborations, Meta aims to inspire brands and inform partnership […]

Reddit introduces 152 new interest categories for ads

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Reddit is introducing a major expansion to its interest targeting categories for advertisers. The move comes as part of Reddit’s ongoing efforts to enhance advertising opportunities and provide brands with more ways to reach their target audiences effectively. Previously offering 66 interest categories, Reddit is now ramping up its offerings to an impressive total of 152. […]

TikTok launches search ads

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TikTok, the popular social media platform, has officially announced the launch of search ads within its search results. The newly introduced “Search Ads Toggle” in TikTok Ads Manager enables advertisers to extend their reach by displaying ads alongside organic video search results, leveraging their existing In-Feed Ad content. This strategic move allows brands to connect with high-intent […]