Instagram testing 10-minute Reels to compete with TikTok and YouTube

Instagram is considering a significant update that could change the landscape of social media video content. The platform, owned by Meta, is internally testing the possibility of extending the maximum length of Reels to 10 minutes, a move aimed at competing with TikTok, X, and YouTube. The news about Instagram’s potential for longer Reels was […]

Google’s John Mueller: Technical SEO not going away

Google’s John Mueller has weighed in on the debate over the importance of technical SEO, asserting that it remains a crucial element despite recent discussions. The debate was sparked by a comment on X (formerly Twitter), with Yiğit Konur suggesting that technical SEO is losing significance. Konur argued that many misunderstand this aspect of SEO […]

Meta launches “Search Branded Content” tool in ads library

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Meta has rolled out a new tool, “Search Branded Content,” which resides in the Ads Library. This feature allows marketers to filter and track branded content campaigns with influencers by platform, date range and username. By providing insights into competitor strategies, including campaign details and influencer collaborations, Meta aims to inspire brands and inform partnership […]

Reddit introduces 152 new interest categories for ads

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Reddit is introducing a major expansion to its interest targeting categories for advertisers. The move comes as part of Reddit’s ongoing efforts to enhance advertising opportunities and provide brands with more ways to reach their target audiences effectively. Previously offering 66 interest categories, Reddit is now ramping up its offerings to an impressive total of 152. […]

LinkedIn improves newsletter experience with new features

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LinkedIn has announced a series of new features for its newsletter platform, aimed at improving the experience for both creators and readers. The upgrades include a redesigned publishing interface, the ability to host multiple newsletters under one account, and automatic follows for subscribers. Revamped editing experience One of the most notable changes is a new publishing interface […]

TikTok launches search ads

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TikTok, the popular social media platform, has officially announced the launch of search ads within its search results. The newly introduced “Search Ads Toggle” in TikTok Ads Manager enables advertisers to extend their reach by displaying ads alongside organic video search results, leveraging their existing In-Feed Ad content. This strategic move allows brands to connect with high-intent […]

Google’s August 2023 core update: Impact and strategies for recovery

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Google recently rolled out its much-anticipated August 2023 core update on 22 August, marking its second broad core algorithm update of the year. The update, which is expected to take up to two weeks to complete, aims to refine search results for users. Unlike previous updates, the August 2023 update appears to have a more subdued impact […]

Brands pause ad spending on X after ads appear next to pro-nazi content

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Two brands, NCTA and Gilead, have suspended advertising on X, formerly known as Twitter, after their ads were run on an account promoting fascism. This comes just days after X CEO Linda Yaccarino reaffirmed the company’s commitment to brand safety for advertisers. It’s reported that ads from at least 19 brands appeared alongside a pro-Hitler […]

Amazon expands sponsored products ads to Pinterest and more

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Amazon is expanding its Sponsored Products advertising program to third-party websites, making it easier for businesses to reach customers outside of Amazon. The program, which allows businesses to promote their products on Amazon’s search results pages, is now available on Pinterest, BuzzFeed, Hearst Newspapers, Raptive, and Ziff Davis brands like Lifehacker and Mashable. With Sponsored Products, businesses […]

New Bing fails to gain search engine market share

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It looks like old habits die hard when it comes to search engine use and behaviour. Six months after the release of the New Bing, data from StatCounter shows that its global market share remains low. In January 2023, Google had 92.90% global search engine market share vs Bing’s 3.03%. In July 2023, Google had 92.08% global […]